Dunavant Trans Gulf Transportation

Billy Keys - President
Phone: 832.204.3422
Billy.keys [at] dunavant [dot] com
Fax: 281.471.5681

Randy Parsons – Vice President Operations
Phone: 832.204.7875
Randy.parsons [at] dunavant [dot] com
Fax: 281.471.5681

James F. “Jim” Jeter – Director of Projects, Implementation, and Safety
Phone: 281.822.0690
Jim.jeter [at] dunavant [dot] com
Fax: 832.204.3428

Lance Lamm C.D.S. - Director of Safety
Phone: 832.204.3420
Lance.lamm [at] dunavant [dot] com
Fax: 832.204.3433

Bethany Coots - Director of Marketing
Phone: 832.204.3443
Bethany.coots [at] dunavant [dot] com
Fax: 832.204.3428

Carlos Rodriguez - Director, Maintenance & Repair 
Phone: 832.204.3421
Carlos.rodriguez [at] dunavant [dot] com
Fax: 832.204.3433

Michael Vincent - Maintenance & Repair Manager
Phone: 832.204.7851
Michael.vincent [at] dunavant [dot] com
Fax: 832.204.3433

Wes Fleck – Information Technology Manager
Phone: 832.204.3411
Wes.fleck [at] dunavant [dot] com
Fax: 832.204.3416

Dora Campos - Terminal Manager, La Porte TX
Phone: 832.204.3417
Doralee.campos [at] dunavant [dot] com
Fax: 832.204.3416

Melodie Keener - Controller
Phone: 832.204.3440
Hope.broussard [at] dunavant [dot] com
Fax: 832.204.3428

Hope Broussard- Director of Accounting
Phone: 832.204.3401
Hope.broussard [at] dunavant [dot] com
Fax: 832.204.3428

Blake Johnson - Terminal Manager, Dallas TX
Phone: 972.225.2900
Blake.johnson [at] dunavant [dot] com
Fax: 972.225.2902

Dean Bay - Director, Warehousing and Distribution
Phone: 281.694.0100
Dean.bay [at] dunavant [dot] com