Chassis Leasing

Dunavant Logistics Leasing Group directly leases all types of transportation equipment, including container chassis, specialty type chassis and Dry Van Trailers. Equipment is available anywhere in the Continental U.S., as well as noncontiguous states of Alaska, Hawaii and the Caribbean.

Dunavant Logistics Leasing Group was formed in an effort to provide a full-service solution for its customers and address an industry-wide issue that they face regularly. That issue is the required maintenance on the logistics industry’s fleet of aging chassis, which impact on-time delivery, service and safety in a negative way.

By operating a formalized leasing entity, we are able to meet growing customer demand, as well continue to offer a comprehensive and coordinated operation. Our clients appreciate the ease of aligning chassis and trailer options in conjunction with our warehousing, trucking, drayage, and global logistics management services.

Equipment specifications can include but are not excluded to:

  • 23.5’ SL Tandem
  • 40’ GN Tandem
  • 40’ GN Lightweight
  • 20’/40’ Tri-Axle
  • 20’/40’ Wide Spreads
  • 48’ Vans
  • 53’ Vans
  • Specialized hauling equipment

Available equipment incorporates LED lights, PSI tire systems, radial tires, and more. In addition, newly built chassis by DLLG contain installed anti-sway technology.


Dunavant Logistics Leasing Group's Headquarters:
437 Independence Parkway South
La Porte, Texas 77571


Direct Contact

Carlos Rodriguez(carlos.rodriguez [at] dunavant [dot] com)

Vice President of Business Development & Equipment Leasing

Phone: 281.470.0500 x3421/3425