Our customers come from a broad range of industries but they all share one question: am I doing everything I can to get the best logistics solution available? As a 3PL with a comprehensive supply chain solution, a strong network of carriers, and an experienced team, we provide a definitive yes.

Our team complements yours by streamlining decision-making and thinking through every tactical day-to-day issue so you don’t have to. When the global market shifts or the network experiences new obstacles, we have the depth of experience to navigate these changes. With our understanding of options and pitfalls, we can tap into a larger pool of solutions and risks, rates, and carriers, instantly increasing the size and reach of your resources.

Already have a primary carrier? We can also act as a back-up when capacity tightens or there are other issues, providing a wider safety net. We are at the ready to be your first call when a new challenge appears.

Dunavant also offers:

  • A comprehensive view of the market that shippers and BCOs typically don’t have
  • Quick reaction to market changes by leveraging a combination of spot rates and fixed contract pricing to mitigate market fluctuations
  • The ability to partner to share or absorb risk to provide our customers with better rates
  • A broader view that allows us to react more quickly on the warehousing side
  • The flexibility to test a new routing, a new service level, or new carrier without a long-term commitment
  • Real-time, on-demand metrics about your account

Any company can move your freight, but Dunavant has the experience and the service to provide your personalized, adaptable, end-to-end logistics solution.


Woodson Dunavant(woodson.dunavant [at] dunavant [dot] com)

Senior Vice President