Centrix is our distinctive approach to delivering technology. Centrix enables every participant in the supply chain to improve the business process and efficiently move actionable information from party to party. This enables money, freight, and information to get where it belongs on time and without error. Our approach to technology centers on processes involving best of breed technologies, integration, experience, and the dedication to constant improvement. 

WiseTech Global ediEnterprise

Dunavant uses some of the most advanced technology available to provide the highest level of service at the most competitive rates for our customers. We have implemented the ediEnterprise solution from WiseTech Global, the world’s leading International Freight Management System. Dunavant exchanges data in real time with our agents, customers, carriers, and other partners to ensure that we can make the most accurate and up-to-date information available to all. The ediEnterprise system provides a total global freight solution to manage bookings, local cartage, transport and shipping management, customs, warehousing, and more.

MercuryGate TMS

Full supply chain analysis and optimization is done through MercuryGate’s TMS & Mojo systems. MercuryGate is an information system dedicated to capturing and monitoring the activities, events, and most importantly, the money related to transportation and logistics. From this logistics “nervous system,” real-time information flows between you, Dunavant, and your supply chain partners. This gives our customers the ability to optimize, rate, execute, and monitor their businesses at any time. 

Direct Contact
Clifford Tillman(clifford.tillman [at] dunavant [dot] com)
Vice President, Business Analysis & Technology