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The background and expertise to outperform at every turn.

Drayage & Trucking

Our name is on the line with every haul.

There are hundreds of options when it comes to trucking and drayage services, but Dunavant stands out with our unique background and expertise. We know every time we haul that our name is on the line; every move we make has the power to create efficiency for your business. This is at the top of our minds every day. 



Simply stated, our goal is to outperform at every turn.

Dunavant manages thousands of container shipments a year, both domestic and international. As a sole-source provider for one of the nation's largest exporters, our reputation is built on exemplary service and communication, while providing capacity in even the busiest shipping times.


We provide 24-hour service and tracking backed by a dedicated team of professionals. We also provide dedicated fleets, local cartage, regional and long-haul truckload, and last-mile store deliveries.

Baltimore, MD
Charleston, SC
Dallas, TX
Houston, TX
La Porte, TX
Memphis, TN
Nashville, TN
Norfolk, VA
Savannah, GA
Wilmington, NC


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Business Development Executive

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We provide 24-hour service and tracking backed by committed professionals, plus dedicated fleets, local cartage, regional and long-haul truckload, and last-mile store deliveries.


We strive to maximize efficiencies and reduce the risks of financial exposure to Dunavant Transportation and our customers.

The outcome of this commitment is developing and maintaining a culture of safety and health for all our Dunavant team. Contractors/Drivers can help achieve this objective by driving and working safely in compliance with governmental regulations. It is the efforts of exceptional contractors/drivers that consistently achieve these objectives.

To us, safety is not just policy and procedure. It is the seed that grows the culture of Dunavant Transportation. This culture is one of individual commitment to a safe working environment for everyone. Our individual efforts are one piece of a solid foundation supporting a structure of teamwork.


Dunavant Transportation is your intermodal solution to transport Hazmat commodities.

Dunavant takes shipping hazardous materials seriously, working with the utmost care not to endanger our neighbors, employees, contractors, or our environment. This is accomplished through consistency and thorough employee and contractor training, equipment maintenance, and strict adherence to the highest Environmental, Health, Safety, and Security standards. 

For more information on Safety and Recruiting, call us at 800.994.1537.


At Dunavant, we are all about delivery. Our clients have high expectations of performance and so do our drivers. We offer: 

  • Competitive compensation package
  • Top fuel surcharge program
  • Fuel cards with discounts
  • Rewards for safety performance
  • Driver referral incentive program
  • D.O.T. inspection bonuses
  • Direct deposit
  • Weekly settlements available online
  • Company-owned chassis: LED Lights; Tubeless Tires; Airing System
  • Consistent year-round work  
Container Yard Services

Dunavant can keep your operations running smoothly by having the capacity and security to assure the most compelling container and/or chassis storage options across multiple locations.


Our container yard services include:

• 24-hour Security and Monitoring

• Empty and Heavy Lift Services

• Swings

• Stacking

• Storage

• Grading

• Managed Release


• FLD Pull-Out


Please contact us for more information.



Carlos Rodriguez

VP of Business Development & Equipment Leasing