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Meet Our Team

Dunavant is a family business with a long history of loyalty, honesty and performance.

Dunavant team members are challenged to perform at a higher level than generally expected by our peers. Please take the time to get to know us.

William B. Dunavant, III

William B. Dunavant, III

CEO, President & Chairman of the Board of Dunavant Enterprises, Inc.

William B. Dunavant III, a University of Virginia graduate, is Chief Executive Officer and President of Dunavant Enterprises, Inc. and Chairman of the Executive Board of Directors for Dunavant Enterprises, Inc. in Memphis, Tenn. He is responsible for the global innovation of Dunavant as a growing 3PL leader and builds on the family business’ history to deliver world-class, comprehensive, supply-chain solutions. Dunavant currently serves on the boards of the Greater Memphis Chamber and Memphis University School, New Memphis Governor’s Board, and The National Advisory Board of the Jefferson Scholars Foundation at the University of Virginia.