• ‘In The Middle’ Memphis Remains Heart of World Trading Economy

    Posted on Dec 29 2011

    Memphis executives and business owners moving their goods around the world this year kept a close eye on international developments like the Arab spring and the Greek government’s fiscal crisis.  And of course, fuel prices.

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  • Intermodal Firms Weighing Potential Impact of Panama Canal on Business

    Posted on Dec 16 2011

    When the Panama Canal expansion concludes during or after 2014, the Big Ditch will have effectively doubled its capacity and will be able to facilitate passage of New Panamax vessels.  More importantly, the expansion will provide high-volume shippers direct access to the Gulf of Mexico and the eastern seaboard.

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  • Dunavant opens a new Dallas, Texas Terminal

    Posted on Dec 13 2011

    Dunavant Global Logistics Group, LLC today announced the hiring of Mark Genereaux as vice president of strategic marketing and business development for Dunavant Global Logistics Group.

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  • Truck Lines Come to Terms with Regulations for Safety and Compliance

    Posted on Sep 23 2011

    When the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration launched its Compliance, Safety, Accountability model in four states in early 2008, stakehoulders including truck lines, unions and enforcement officials were unsure what the new regulations would entail.  

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  • Trans Gulf Transportation Eyes Growth after Merger

    Posted on May 27 2011

    After becoming part of one of the nation’s fastest-growing logistics companies, Trans Gulf Transportation has put the finishing touches on its La Porte container terminal facility and is poised for growth within a new corporate structure.

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  • Dunavant Enterprises and its Employees Donate 10 In-Classroom Libraries to Getwell Elementary School

    Posted on May 24 2011

    Dunavant Enterprises and its employees recently donated 10 in-classroom libraries to Getwell Elementary School, located at 2795 Getwell Road, during the school’s fifth-grade graduation ceremony on May 20.

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  • U.S. Freight Economy Will Grow Significantly, American Trucking Associations Says

    Posted on May 20 2011

    The U.S. freight economy is on track to “grow significantly” during the next decade, led by acceleration in the trucking industry, according to a forecast by American Trucking Associations.

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  • Dunavant Enterprises CEO ‘Bullish on Intermodal’

    Posted on Mar 11 2011

    Dunavant Enterprises CEO and President William Dunavant III asked how many in a luncheon group of 50 at the Traffic Club of Memphis thought gas would go back to $2 a gallon. No hands went up but a lot did when he asked how many thought gas might go to $5 a gallon. 

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  • Dunavant Buys Sea Lane Express

    Posted on Mar 08 2011

    Memphis based Dunavant Transportation Group has bought Sea Lane Express, a regional trucking and intermodal company with headquarters in Great Neck, New York.

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  • Dunavant Enterprises Acquires Sea Lane Express

    Posted on Mar 07 2011

    Dunavant Transportation Group, a subsidiary of Dunavant Enterprises Inc., has acquired Sea Lane Express, a transportation company specializing in regional trucking and intermodal drayage operations.

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  • Memphis-based Dunavant Acquires Sea Lane Express

    Posted on Mar 06 2011

    Dunavant Enterprises is steaming ahead in its push to become a global logistics player with the acquisition of a trucking company that serves key Southeastern ports. The Memphis-based company’s Dunavant Transportation Group subsidiary closed last Monday on the purchase of Sea Lane Express for an undisclosed amount.

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  • Dunavant Survey Shows Industry Confidence

    Posted on Feb 17 2011

    Logistics customers and the companies that move their goods around the world need to do a better job of talking to each other.  And the more specific they are with each other the more confident they both can be as they seek to back firm judgments about the economy with inventory.  

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  • Weaving a Common Thread

    Posted on Feb 17 2011

    Memphis-based Dunavant Enterprises, formerly one of the world’s largest cotton merchandisers, recently spun its global logistics division into the company’s core operating function. Inbound Logistics caught up with Bill Dunavant, CEO and president, and Richard McDuffie, COO, to discuss the transition and the company’s new direction.

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  • Dunavant Survey: 77% Say Economy is Improving

    Posted on Feb 11 2011

    Dunavant Logistics Group released a report Friday showing that companies are looking to take advantage of an improving economy to grow, especially overseas.

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  • Dunavant Enterprises Acquires Trans Gulf Transportation

    Posted on Jan 05 2011

    Dunavant Enterprises Inc. today announced the acquisition of majority interest in Trans Gulf Transportation Inc., a Houston-based transportation company specializing in regional and local intermodal drayage and trucking operations.

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