• ‘In The Middle’ Memphis Remains Heart of World Trading Economy

    Posted on Dec 29 2011

    Memphis executives and business owners moving their goods around the world this year kept a close eye on international developments like the Arab spring and the Greek government’s fiscal crisis.  And of course, fuel prices.

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  • Intermodal Firms Weighing Potential Impact of Panama Canal on Business

    Posted on Dec 16 2011

    When the Panama Canal expansion concludes during or after 2014, the Big Ditch will have effectively doubled its capacity and will be able to facilitate passage of New Panamax vessels.  More importantly, the expansion will provide high-volume shippers direct access to the Gulf of Mexico and the eastern seaboard.

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  • Dunavant opens a new Dallas, Texas Terminal

    Posted on Dec 13 2011

    Dunavant Global Logistics Group, LLC today announced the hiring of Mark Genereaux as vice president of strategic marketing and business development for Dunavant Global Logistics Group.

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