• Dunavant Enterprises CEO ‘Bullish on Intermodal’

    Posted on Mar 11 2011

    Dunavant Enterprises CEO and President William Dunavant III asked how many in a luncheon group of 50 at the Traffic Club of Memphis thought gas would go back to $2 a gallon. No hands went up but a lot did when he asked how many thought gas might go to $5 a gallon. 

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  • Dunavant Buys Sea Lane Express

    Posted on Mar 08 2011

    Memphis based Dunavant Transportation Group has bought Sea Lane Express, a regional trucking and intermodal company with headquarters in Great Neck, New York.

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  • Dunavant Enterprises Acquires Sea Lane Express

    Posted on Mar 07 2011

    Dunavant Transportation Group, a subsidiary of Dunavant Enterprises Inc., has acquired Sea Lane Express, a transportation company specializing in regional trucking and intermodal drayage operations.

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  • Memphis-based Dunavant Acquires Sea Lane Express

    Posted on Mar 06 2011

    Dunavant Enterprises is steaming ahead in its push to become a global logistics player with the acquisition of a trucking company that serves key Southeastern ports. The Memphis-based company’s Dunavant Transportation Group subsidiary closed last Monday on the purchase of Sea Lane Express for an undisclosed amount.

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