• Dunavant Establishes Dunavant Houston Relief Fund

    Posted on Sep 13 2017

    In response to the catastrophic destruction of Hurricane Harvey, Dunavant created the Dunavant Houston Relief Fund to assist associate and contractor families impacted by the area’s severe flooding.

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  • Logistics Nightmare Follows in Harvey’s Wake

    Posted on Sep 12 2017

    The catastrophic flooding caused by Hurricane Harvey hasn’t just meant the loss of life and homes for many people, but has also led to impassable stretches of highways and railroad tracks, bringing freight transportation in southeast Texas to a near standstill.

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  • Paper Checks Still Common in Trucking; Move Underway to Migrate to E-Payments

    Posted on Aug 31 2017

    Many trucking and third-party logistics companies still write checks to pay their invoices, but efforts are underway to transition from pen and paper to point-and-click e-payments. If successful, it would shift decades-old business patterns ingrained in the industry.

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  • Harvey Impedes Nearly 10% of U.S. Trucking, Almost 100% on Gulf Coast

    Posted on Aug 31 2017

    Hurricane Harvey ravaged Texas and Louisiana before losing strength, but the storm’s effect on U.S. trucking operations is still gaining.

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  • How FedEx Is Coping With Hurricane Harvey's Impact

    Posted on Aug 30 2017

    FedEx temporarily suspended some services in Houston and other areas devastated by Hurricane Harvey.

    The shipping giant was among Memphis-based logistics companies who were dealing Monday with flooded roads and infrastructure and the storm’s impact on employees.

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  • Dunavant Buys Mobile Brokerage Company

    Posted on Feb 20 2017

    Memphis-based Dunavant Logistics Group has bought John M. Brining Co. of Mobile, Alabama, giving Dunavant in-house brokerage services as part of its portfolio of services.

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  • Dunavant Acquisition Yields Growth Inside and Out

    Posted on Feb 16 2017

    John M. Brining Co. was recently acquired by Dunavant Logistics Group, a Memphis-based global logistics firm, adding in-house brokerage to the Dunavant portfolio of customer service offerings.

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  • Consolidation of Cargo Carriers Puts Ocean Freight Industry at ‘Crossroads’

    Posted on Jan 30 2017

    Memphis-based Dunavant Global Logistics Group and Mallory Alexander International Logistics are prime players in the ocean freight business as non-vessel operating common carriers, otherwise known as NVOCCs. And each, according to a consultant who used to work as an executive for one of larger ocean freight lines in the industry, has a strong reputation.

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  • Dunavant Global Logistics Group grows through acquisitions

    Posted on Jan 19 2017

    In Nov. 2016, Dunavant Global Logistics Group announced the acquisition of Alabama-based J.M. Brining Inc., as well as expansions in China. 

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  • Rerouting Regulations

    Posted on Jan 13 2017

    With every new administration comes some degree of uncertainty when it comes to federal regulations. But after an especially unpredictable campaign season, all eyes are now on the president-elect to see what he’ll do next. 

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  • Logistics Sector Preps for Logging Devices

    Posted on Jan 06 2017

    While Memphis’ distribution and logistics sectors continued to prosper in 2016, legislative changes and proposed improvements to the infrastructure of Lamar Avenue were among the year’s top local headlines for the industry.

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