• Dunavant grows global leadership team

    Posted on Dec 18 2018

    Dunavant, a Memphis-based global logistics firm, is proud to announce three leadership hires to support growth of the company.

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  • The Impact of Tariffs

    Posted on Nov 26 2018

    The series of tariffs implemented by our current administration are prompting supply chain disruptions from coast to coast.

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  • Dunavant Hires New Senior VP of Operations

    Posted on Nov 01 2018

    Dunavant Logistics Group, a Memphis-based global logistics firm, has hired Clayton Fahey as Senior Vice President of Operations.

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  • The Rise of E-Commerce

    Posted on Oct 22 2018

    There is permeating pressure across the logistics industry today when dealing with the current consumer model, as companies are trying to make choice, speed and availability paramount.

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  • Memphis Business Journal Table of Experts: Distribution & Logistics

    Posted on Aug 20 2018
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  • Tight Turns: Ensuring consistency in today's tight truck driver market

    Posted on Jul 30 2018

    The trucking industry is currently experiencing the tightest capacity I have witnessed during my 30 years in the logistics business.

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  • Dunavant's McDuffie on China-US tariffs, Gulf resins, ELDs

    Posted on Jul 05 2018

    Effective logistics solutions are constantly adapting to changes in the geopolitical, manufacturing, and technological landscapes. Take a listen to Dunavant COO Richard McDuffie highlighting how a long-term view can help ease these transitions.

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  • Feds award $71.2 million for Lamar Avenue corridor project

    Posted on Jun 07 2018

    A highway project long considered critical to Memphis' distribution industry received a major boost Tuesday as the U.S. Department of Transportation awarded a $71.2 million grant to help fund improvements to the chronically congested Lamar Avenue corridor.

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  • Logistically Speaking: Intermodal Milestone Management

    Posted on May 08 2018

    In the intermodal business, the first and last miles of an import or export can be the most important step in the delivery of goods. Moving a product from the rail or port to the customer’s door or vice versa is when we have a significant opportunity to have an impact on their experience.

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  • Memphis-based Global Logistics Company Aims to Eliminate 'Snag' in Supply Chain

    Posted on Apr 23 2018

    When customers order an item off Amazon, they expect it to arrive on time. So do the people and companies behind imports from around the globe, but that is a bit trickier.

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  • Guest column: Memphis Needs to Invest in its Infrastructure

    Posted on Feb 12 2018

    As “America’s Distribution Center” and Dunavant’s global headquarters, Memphis and its logistics industry require a renewed focus on infrastructure.

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  • Dunavant Introduces Houston-based Domestic Brokerage Firm

    Posted on Jan 29 2018

    Dunavant, a global logistics company with Houston warehouse and terminal presences, has announced its opening of a Houston-based Dunavant Domestic Brokerage office.

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