• An End-of-Year Update by Clayton Fahey

    Posted on Dec 19 2019

    As we enter 2020, Dunavant continues to grow and provide our customers with an integrated number of services to deliver in the supply chain.

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  • Memphis-based Dunavant opens container drayage terminal in Baltimore

    Posted on Nov 19 2019

    Memphis-based global logistics firm Dunavant announced Tuesday its newest container drayage terminal opening at the Port of Baltimore.

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  • Dunavant Opens Baltimore Container Drayage Terminal

    Posted on Nov 15 2019

    Dunavant, a Memphis-based global logistics firm, has announced its newest container drayage terminal opening at the Port of Baltimore.

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  • How CFO of the Year Kelly Lomax brings 'confidence and culture' to Dunavant

    Posted on Nov 06 2019

    Known for being a multinational trading company, Dunavant Enterprises has diversified its portfolio over the years to include real estate developments and private equity ventures. As CFO, Kelly Lomax supervises all of Dunavant’s operating companies and partnerships.

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  • MBJ's 2019 CFO of the Year Awards

    Posted on Oct 30 2019

    The strength of an organization is often measured by the quality of its CFO. They do not simply keep numbers in check, they mitigate risk, provide strategic direction, and frequently oversee multiple departments like IT and human resources. Memphis Business Journal celebrated some of the area’s top financial minds at its 10th annual CFO of the Year Awards Tuesday, Oct. 29 at Hilton Memphis.

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  • JOC: China tariff relief would challenge US ag export logistics

    Posted on Oct 23 2019

    CHICAGO — Agriculture exporters and analysts are warning that a relaxing or removal of Chinese tariffs on containerized grain, cotton, soybeans, and other agricultural commodities would challenge US inland logistics transport, causing delays and adding costs.

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  • Table of Experts: A conversation on logistics & distribution

    Posted on Jun 28 2019

    Featuring Dunavant's Don Lake 

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  • Dunavant renews with the US EPA SmartWay Transport Partnership

    Posted on Jun 27 2019

    Dunavant is proud to announce its renewal approval to continue serving as a member of the SmartWay® Transport Partnership, an innovative collaboration between U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the logistics industry that provides a framework to assess the environmental and energy efficiency of goods movement supply chains.

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  • Big Deals in Logistics: From automation and Amazon to tariffs

    Posted on May 14 2019

    Getting things from point A to point B in a timely and cost-effective manner: that’s Memphis.

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  • Dunavant Receives Gold Level at National Safety Awards

    Posted on Apr 03 2019

    Dunavant Transportation Group, a subsidiary of Dunavant Global Logistics Group, has received a Gold Award by Great West Casualty Company in its 2018 National Safety Awards program.

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