• Customer Advisory: Week 28 2021

    Posted on Jul 23 2021

    Normally, this time of the year activity increases as we enter the peak shipping season. But this has not been a normal year, much less a normal shipping season. 

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  • Opinion: Cost of shipping may be approaching a tipping point

    Posted on Jul 16 2021

    Are we reaching a tipping point?

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  • Customer Advisory: Week 24 2021

    Posted on Jun 16 2021

    Since the latest advisory, the global supply chain continues to experience widespread disruptions. On the heels of the Suez mishap, we are now dealing with Covid-disrupted ports. The intent of this advisory it to inform you of the supply chain disruptions that might impact your business. 

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  • Pete Buttigieg delivers infrastructure message from a bridge with a cracked steel beam

    Posted on Jun 07 2021

    Truck driver Clifton Hughey heard talk all his life about a potential third highway bridge to cross the Mississippi River near Memphis. But with one of the two interstate spans here closed after inspectors discovered a critical crack, Hughey's once thirty-minute trip to haul goods at a nearby train terminal is now a grinding two- or three-hour detour.

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  • What the bridge closure could mean to 'America's distribution hub'

    Posted on May 20 2021

    The closure of the Hernando de Soto Bridge is almost like the COVID-19 pandemic: it affects us all.

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  • ‘Get People Off’: Shutdown Ordered for Cracked Bridge in Memphis

    Posted on May 13 2021

    The Interstate 40 bridge over the Mississippi River could be closed for weeks, if not longer, because of damage that could have led to “a catastrophic event.”

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  • I-40 bridge closure impacting supply chain, logistics companies and soon, your wallet

    Posted on May 13 2021

    The bridge closure is creating issues for more than just daily commuters. Freight and supply chain setbacks could hit all of us right in the wallet whether you use the bridge or not.

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  • TDOT: I-40 bridge could be closed for months

    Posted on May 12 2021

    The state Department of Transportation’s chief engineer acknowledged Wednesday, May 12, that it could be months before the Interstate 40 bridge across the Mississippi River can safely reopen to traffic.

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  • Supply chain issues shackle consumers

    Posted on May 10 2021

    During the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic, people flocked to grocery stores to stock up on toilet paper, hand sanitizer and other household items they suspected might soon be in scarce supply. The Great Charmin Famine of 2020 never fully materialized. However, for months the pandemic and other factors have disrupted the supply chains businesses use to get their products into market.

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  • Greater Memphis Chamber, local businesses: Memphis has cargo crisis, needs federal help

    Posted on Apr 26 2021

    The Greater Memphis Chamber and local companies have asked a federal agency “to help resolve an inland rail crisis” creating backlogs, delays and rising expenses for Memphis importers, exporters and motor carriers.

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  • Table of Experts: The business of distribution and logistics

    Posted on Apr 13 2021

    Dunavant Senior Vice President Chrissy Geibel speaks to the memphis Business Journal on COVID-19's impact on the supply chain.

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  • Rising fuel prices drive up airline, shipping costs

    Posted on Mar 29 2021

    File this under the category of good news that’s unlikely to get you too excited: The average cost of gasoline in Tennessee went up only about a penny per gallon last week, according to AAA – The Auto Club.

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  • Dunavant Welcomes Ocean Freight Pricing Manager

    Posted on Jan 14 2021

    Dunavant Global Logistics Group is proud to welcome Gene Key as Ocean Freight Pricing Manager.

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