Dunavant Enterprises CEO ‘Bullish on Intermodal’

March 11th, 2011

Dunavant Enterprises CEO and President William Dunavant III asked how many in a luncheon group of 50 at the Traffic Club of Memphis thought gas would go back to $2 a gallon. No hands went up but a lot did when he asked how many thought gas might go to $5 a gallon. “Then you believe in intermodal, right there,” Dunavant said the day after the cotton firm turned-logistics company announced it had acquired another company that allows Dunavant Enterprises to go deeper into the movement of containers by rail, sea and truck. “Intermodal is a more efficient way, a more cost-conscious way, a more fuel-energy-efficient way of moving products around. This is a big economy to turn, but something is looming with us every single day in the businesses we’re in and that’s oil prices.”

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