Dunavant Trans Gulf Transportation Receives DuPont's 2013 Carrier Safety Award

October 3rd, 2013

Dunavant Trans Gulf Transportation Group was recently honored with DuPont’s 2013 Carrier Safety Award at the food and chemical giant’s annual Carrier Safety Conference.

DuPont selected Dunavant for this coveted award based on the company’s strong track record of safety and performance throughout 2012. Specific metrics examined during that twelve-month period included Customer Quality Service Incidents (CQSIs), shipment tendering refusals, freight claims, strategic partnerships, and shipment volumes.

“DuPont has been a valued client and partner of ours for years, and we are so honored by this recognition,” said Billy Keys, President of Dunavant Trans Gulf. “Our exceptional staff, historically strong culture of safety, and outstanding driver pool continue to set the standard for safety and performance in this industry.”

“We thank DuPont for this prestigious recognition, and we accept it as a challenge to continue growing and excelling in all that we do,” says Richard McDuffie, Dunavant’s Chief Operating Officer.