I-40 bridge closure impacting supply chain, logistics companies and soon, your wallet

FOX 13

The bridge closure is creating issues for more than just daily commuters.

Freight and supply chain setbacks could hit all of us right in the wallet whether you use the bridge or not.

“The river traffic is shutdown that’s a major concern as well because all that freight has to move off the river on to the road and that’s just going to add more volume out there,” said Woodson Dunavant, senior vice president of marketing for Dunavant Global Logistics Group, LLC.

Dunavant said their freights are getting delayed inbound by two to three hours.

“They could run out of their hours of service and they’re forced to pull over in spent the night in their truck or a hotel and the would make deliveries 12-14 hours delay from they were originally supposed to and this trickles down in logistics,” he said.

Whether we use the bridge or not, economists say you could feel an impact soon.

“We’re seeing price increase across the board. We’re seeing more inflation, this just adds to the difficulties in the supply chain, we know it’s going to cost us more money to get goods and services,” said John Gnuschke, director at the Sparks Bureau of Business and Economic Research.

He said the closure will likely cost more the longer it goes.

“The length of the delay will tell us a lot about the impact, the longer it is the greater the impact, the longer we experience major shutdowns in our logistics businesses,” said Gnuschke.

Logistics hub FedEx is monitoring the situation and implementing contingency plans.