Logistically Speaking: Intermodal Milestone Management

In the intermodal business, the first and last miles of an import or export can be the most important step in the delivery of goods. Moving a product from the rail or port to the customer’s door or vice versa is when we have a significant opportunity to have an impact on their experience.

We’re geared toward managing, prioritizing, and coordinating this process because we understand every element of the business, whether the inflow of goods into a distribution center or out of a cotton warehouse, for example. We must ensure this happens in a timely manner to reduce the time the product sits in a facility and to ensure the product is delivered by and upon customer’s request.

With external factors such as the economy growing and construction jobs booming, paired with internal developments like the implementation of electronic logging devices, trucking capacity is the tightest it’s been in 20 years.

Customers need a one-stop solution. We can be that entity, using our own assets and leveraging the carrier base we’ve had for over 50 years through our background in the agriculture industry. We have relationships with over 6,000 carriers on file. We understand them and can coordinate their capacity for others. We look forward to providing that capacity to you.

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Eddie Fuchs
Director of Enterprise Drayage Operations
eddie.fuchs [at] dunavant [dot] com