Dunavant Logistics Group Announces Q3 Employee Awards


Dunavant Logistics Group Announces Q3 Employee Awards

Dunavant Logistics Group is pleased to share recipients of four company awards, which were nominated and voted upon by employees of Dunavant Logistics Group. Award titles and attributes are inspired by Billy Dunavant, Jr., who founded and ran Dunavant on core principles that generated success for the company and hardworking team members. These awards celebrate employees people who exemplify and bring these principles to work every day.


From left to right: Jason Deuel, Jen Amos, Brittany Glancy, Ashley Fly


Eagle - Jason Deuel

Billy supported the Boy Scouts of America because he believed they taught core values that helped a person tackle complex problems. The Eagle Scout is the highest rank in the organization. This award exemplifies someone who solves problems through innovation. The “Eagle” looks to drive the company forward by thinking outside the box and not shying away from difficult tasks. They embrace difficult challenges and do not give up until a solution presents itself.

Ace - Jen Amos

The Ace Award is a nod to Billy's love of tennis. Tennis was his passion, and he shared the game with friends and competitors. The Ace is someone who has a passion for Dunavant, shows loyalty, and cares about what the company stands for. This person shows they understand Dunavant's core values and works to apply them day to day. They go a step further by helping others understand the importance of Dunavant's principles.

Daddy Buck - Brittany Glancy

Billy's father, who went by "Daddy Buck," taught him the importance of honesty and how to treat others. Therefore, the "Daddy Buck" is awarded to a person who acts with honesty, humility, and a positive attitude when interacting with colleagues. In addition, this person shows the highest level of customer service through commitment, knowledge, and going above and beyond.

Good Middling - Ashley Fly

Good Middling is the highest cotton classification, with very little debris. As Dunavant was founded as a cotton company, the highest award for the town hall is the Good Middling Award. The Good Middling is someone who exemplifies all the above qualities in their everyday work. This person has impeccable customer service embedded in their accountability and positive outlook. The Good Middling has a sense of urgency to respond to customers and colleagues alike.


Congratulations to each recipient, and thank you all for your dedication and excellence.

Posted by Katie Elizabeth Carpenter at 09:45