Dunavant Welcomes Driver Recruiters to Team

Dunavant is pleased to welcome three new driver recruiter roles to the company.

“We are thrilled to have such a passionate group of recruiters at Dunavant who come to work every day ready to perform and grow,” said Avery Lopez, regional driver recruiting manager for Dunavant. “It's exciting to work alongside such team players who value customer service and carry such a great rapport with our drivers."

Kamille Penn joins as a driver recruiter for Dunavant Trans Gulf Transportation LLC to onboard Texas-based drivers. Penn has been in logistics for approximately 3 years and most recently worked in driver recruiting.

Sonji Banks joins as a driver recruiter for Dunavant Sea Lane. Banks has served various customer service, human relations, and direct driver recruitment roles during her career.

Shalena Dixon joins Dunavant as driver processor. Based in Georgia, she is responsible for gaining all necessary verifications and records from drivers in order to onboard them as a Dunavant driver.

Posted by Andrea Wiley at 12:43