Employee Spotlight: Andrea Colette Buford


Employee Spotlight: Andrea Colette Buford

Andy Buford, Dunavant’s receptionist and switchboard operator of its global headquarters in Memphis, walked into the office for her first day on May 1, 2006.


“I fell in love on the first day,” she recalls. “And obviously they did too.”


Andy’s role over the past 16 years quickly evolved into more than a job she simply thought she needed — it’s a career she values and looks forward to each day.


Andy appreciates the pace of change that keeps Dunavant constantly evolving and growing amidst the state of the industry. As the gatekeeper of Dunavant’s global headquarters, she truly sees it all.


“As the first person you see at Dunavant, you make an impact on the entire experience,” said Buford. “And for that reason, from couriers to business owners, everyone who walks through our doors is important. You never know who you can serve and who can use your help.”


Andy recalls speaking with Bill Dunavant at the company Christmas party during her first year with the company. His words of appreciation for Andy’s role have stuck with her ever since.


“Andy’s role at Dunavant is invaluable as your first impression of our family of employees,” said Bill Dunavant III. “Her daily beaming smile, warm and welcoming personality envelops every employee and visitor. You arrive and leave our office meeting such a positive team member.”   


“It’s like a team and family all in one,” said Buford. “That has been my experience.”

Posted by Andrea Wiley at 16:41