Employee Spotlight: Dora Campos, Terminal Manager

Few people can say that they view their job as a hobby. Even fewer can say their job is their hobby after 24 years. Dunavant employee Dora Campos is one of those people. For over two decades, Dora’s dedication and enthusiasm have guided Dunavant trucking in La Porte, Texas, where she continues to inspire her employees today.

Dora began her work in transportation 38 years ago as a charter bus driver. After 14 years and thousands of miles on the road, Dora took her knowledge of transportation to Dunavant, where she now serves as a Terminal Manager in La Porte, Texas. Dora joined Dunavant in 1998 as a “woman in a man’s world,” seeking to gain the trust and respect of the truck drivers she managed. 

As she learned more about the industry, Dora’s work at Dunavant transformed from a 9 to 5 to a true passion. Before working at Dunavant, getting stopped by a train was the worst part of her day. But after entering the industry, Dora found herself fascinated by the endless procession of shipping containers she could identify during her traffic stop. But just knowing the business wasn’t enough for Dora—she wanted to be in it. Beyond her hours in the office, Dora spent her nights driving to the facilities and ports right behind her drivers, researching her work and learning the pieces of the trucking puzzle. 

While her friends and family say she’s a workaholic, Dora says she simply loves her job. And after 24 years at Dunavant, it’s her leaders’ focus on family that still inspires her to do her best work every day. Despite leading the large corporation, Dora says Bill Dunavant is her biggest supporter, regularly checking in with her personally. Dunavant’s emphasis on family leads Dora to instill the same values with her employees, building a team that can laugh together and supports each other when work is stressful.

Whether she’s translating for one of her Spanish-speaking drivers or spending her nights researching on the road, Dora Campos is always willing to go the extra mile for Dunavant.

Posted by Andrea Wiley at 09:54