Employee Spotlight: Kendra Williams


Employee Spotlight: Kendra Williams

If you've ever spoken with Kendra Williams, you quickly know why she is beloved by our drivers. As Account Payable Specialist, Kendra is responsible for making sure that our drivers are paid correctly and expediently. Too often we live in a transactional, somewhat impersonal world - not Kendra.  Her uplifting attitude and engaging personality are loved by her co-workers as well as the drivers. 

“I believe that you get what you give, that’s why I treat my drivers the way I do and I guess that’s why they treat me so well, too. They know what to expect from me and I know what to expect from them,” says Kendra. “It makes our jobs more fun.”

Kendra is a lifelong Memphian and works out of the Memphis office, but her personality travels to all of our sites. Kendra worked for quite some time in the cotton industry, a little something we know about around here, but for the past seven years, she has forged strong relationships with the drivers of Dunavant. She is a tremendous asset for our company, as is her attention to detail and proactive work ethic.


Posted by Katie Elizabeth Carpenter at 11:51