Employee Spotlight: Mary Arno


Employee Spotlight: Mary Arno

Mary Arno, Senior Manager of Regulatory US Operations, would have never envisioned her career to land in logistics.


As a self-proclaimed “free spirit,” she worked in industries from healthcare to hospitality. After a temporary position at a logistics company piqued her interest, the two-week job unknowingly led to an 18-year career in the industry that continues today at Dunavant.


After receiving her license and quickly accelerating at various logistics firms in roles from underwriting to imports and compliance management, Mary appreciated the “eye-opening” growth while supporting both midsize and large companies.


Mary found her place at Dunavant in 2022, where her free spirit thrives in the fast-paced and growing environment. Her role in domestic operations and regulation has helped take Dunavant to the next level.


“At Dunavant, which is experiencing so much commodity growth in both imports and exports, I’ve loved the opportunity to help develop compliance processes and grow departments with my prior experience.”


As Senior Manager, Mary loves her work, and at Dunavant, she loves the people she works with. Based in Georgia, Mary employs nearly two decades of industry experience in her leadership, along with true admiration and appreciation for her team.


“You spend a lot of time working in your life—enjoying who you’re surrounded by is so important.”


Posted by Katie Elizabeth Carpenter at 13:30