Logistics operators report on a volatile trucking market as inflation rises


During the pandemic, Memphis-based logistics company Dunavant Enterprises Inc. saw an uptick in contracted drivers opting to start their own independent trucking companies. 


This year, as inflation reached 40-year highs, the company says it is seeing this trend reverse. 


Marty Musialowski, senior vice president of operations and commercial for Dunavant Sea Lane, said the initial trend, which peaked around March 2021, was a result of the larger global supply chain crisis. 


“The beneficial cargo owners were reaching out to anybody and everybody to try to get their loads covered,” Musialowski said. “Brokers would be posting on local Facebook boards or trucker pages, saying the normal load that would pay, say, $1,500 is now going to pay $3,000.”


Musialowski said the opportunity to earn twice as much per freight encouraged several of Dunavant’s drivers to take the leap and go into business for themselves. 


As manufacturers scrambled to resume operations in 2021, following shutdowns across several industries the year before, truckers were in demand. 


Posted by Andrea Wiley at 13:18