Rail Strike Update

This past Wednesday, a group representing major railroads and a union that voted to reject a new contract had agreed to extend a potential strike deadline until at least Dec. 4.


  • The National Carriers’ Conference Committee (NCCC) and the International Brotherhood of Teamsters (BMWED) that represents 11,000 workers extended the current cooling off period that previously was set to expire Nov. 19.
  • A rail shutdown could freeze almost 30% of U.S. cargo shipments by weight, stoke inflation, cost the American economy as much as $2 billion per day and unleash a cascade of transport woes affecting U.S. energy, agriculture, manufacturing, healthcare, and retail sectors.
  • Seven of the twelve unions have approved the deal, which includes a 24% compounded wage increase over a five-year period from 2020 through 2024 and five annual $1,000 lump sum payments.
  • However, the period that BMWED members must maintain the status quo at their respective sites will be aligned with three other unions that have yet to ratify their labor agreements.
  • Those three unions — the Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers and Trainmen (BLET), the International Association of Sheet Metal, Air, Rail and Transportation Workers – Transportation Division (SMART), and the Brotherhood of Railroad Signalmen (BRS) — have yet to vote or revote on whether to ratify their tentative labor contracts.

Dunavant continues to monitor the situation and is positioned to offer a transloading and/or over the road trucking services if a rail strike does occur. Please contact your Dunavant representative if you have any questions regarding the rail strike or solutions to keep your loads moving.


Posted by Katie Elizabeth Carpenter at 13:14