Hazardous Materials

Dunavant Logistics Group (DLG) was engaged to build domestic truckload capacity for a chemical manufacturer client - a $2 billion company for whom DLG provided all domestic TL transportation. A seasonal spike in volume required DLG to provide capacity for hazardous materials (HAZMAT) freight at a facility located in the rural Midwest. Additionally, all shipments were going to locations in Texas, a state in which the number of trucks going in to make deliveries often greatly exceeds the trucks moving freight out. This disparity creates an imbalance in supply and demand: rates of inbound freight are high while outbound rates are extremely low.

Dunavant's solution required simultaneous execution of multiple strategic efforts:

  • Work with primary carriers for additional HAZMAT capacity.
  • Reposition equipment to shift driver/capacity from points within 150-mile radius of product origin.
  • Engage Dunavant's vast network of partners to identify carriers within our current load network who could potentially re-load our freight.


  • Our customer's urgent needs were fully addressed and the transportation of their HAZMAT product was handled in a way that exceeded their expectations.
  • Dunavant Logistics Group improved strategic partnerships with carriers.
  • DLG used reporting to improve visibility and communication with our customer and lowered cost through more efficient routing of carrier capacity.