Maintain balance no matter how your network shifts


Supply Chain Design

Dunavant takes your logistics network beyond supply chain management to supply chain synthesis, where product is pulled, not pushed, through your network and where the right activities are performed by the best supply chain partners. Our experts develop practical answers to your logistical challenges while focusing on achieving excellent customer satisfaction and minimizing inventory and total costs.

Inventory Modeling

Dunavant’s inventory modeling consulting service helps you balance your inventory policy and customer service levels strategically throughout the supply chain. Using a process approach, we segment inventory requirements to assess and redesign the individual components. This allows for effective and lasting change in a company’s overall inventory investment.

Process Re-Engineering

Dunavant business process consulting services leverage our comprehensive knowledge of many different industries, spanning 50 years and numerous countries. We work with our customers to enhance business processes, improve methodologies and tools, identify and prioritize initiatives, and deliver value-adding services.


Woodson Dunavant(woodson.dunavant [at] dunavant [dot] com)

Vice President, Marketing & Business Development