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Maximizing Container Weight for Optimal Return


Dunavant has significant depth of experience in the automotive market (aftermarket retail and tier I and II suppliers) managing complex supply chain solutions for Fortune 500 companies and automotive suppliers.

Dunavant's solutions are comprehensive in that we assess the overall supply chain experience for our customers in the retail automotive and automotive parts supply business. Our solutions include improving overall shipping configuration of containers shipping  to and from overseas markets to take advantage of heavier shipment capacity due to our lightweight tractors and chassis. Additionally, Dunavant has been selected as the lead logistics provider for different companies to implement and provide overall global transportation management services spearheading our customers' entries into new markets for automotive parts.

This white paper examines a practical solution for maximizing heavy weight containers shipping to northern China and ensuring the best flow for products of this profile. It also discusses how picking the correct chassis equipment with the appropriate proven logistics service provider can deliver significant results in a challenging market.