Meet your storage needs with our scalable footprint

Meet your storage needs with our scalable footprint

Meet your storage needs with our scalable footprint


Packaging and Consolidation

Dunavant is an efficient option for companies with diverse supplier bases. Our packing and consolidation capabilities allow multiple shipments from various vendors across all transportation modes to be received, sorted and stored utilizing our state-of-the-art warehouse management system. Our materials handling staff will perform inspections, sorting and consolidation customized to your needs. We offer real-time, web-based inventory tracking, allowing you to focus on your core business while we take care of all your packing services and help you to meet the most stringent requirements of domestic and international distribution.

Reverse Logistics

Our expertise and advanced technology support reverse logistics, independent of its scope. From simple returns and restocking to operating entire return facilities, warranty management and repairs, Dunavant can help with your needs. Our systems help accurately and efficiently identify and disposition returned materials while providing the warranty and financial support necessary to ensure your record-keeping needs. We offer value-added services to assist in disposition of scrap, including hazmat, in the most environmentally friendly and compliant manner.

Port Consolidation/Deconsolidation

Our expertise, distribution services and advanced technology allow us to support activities at import and export ports. We offer consolidation expertise to merge vendors and search for compatible partners to help decrease your inbound freight cost. Our deconsolidation services provide you with greater transportation and inventory savings while increasing customer service. We also utilize the latest technology to increase visibility. All of these factors mean your lead times will be reduced, resulting in a leaner system and greater margins for your business.

Pick, Sort, Pack

Our advanced WMS and other specialty technologies, combined with 50 years of expertise, allow for the most efficient pick, sort, and pack processes available. Whether pallet, case or broken case picking, our WMS and RF-based job assignments will cut your cost, prioritize work tasks and store your materials in the most space-efficient manner. Accurate real-time reports are always available to allow expert management of inventory and ensure order realization visibility that provides confidence to you and your customers.


Our team of experts and sophisticated systems can help you implement advanced processes in order to optimize material flow domestically or worldwide. We can help implement such processes as cross-docking, flow-through, merge-in-transit and even postponement processes. We posses valuable IT and cross-docking capabilities that can fulfill your company’s in-transit consolidation needs. These consolidations can reduce total freight costs, as well as the necessary activity at destination docks.


Dean Bay(Dean.bay [at] dunavant [dot] com)

Dunavant Distribution Group, Senior Vice President